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Reseña: Selamat datang ke, Bienvenido a Idaman Beach Holiday Resort, situado en la bella y bella Pulau Tioman, conocida famosa como Isla Tioman
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Idaman Beach Holiday Resort

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Idaman Beach Holiday Resort

Idaman Beach Holiday Resort

Idaman Beach Holiday is a decent place to stay at a decent rate. We came to Idaman Beach Holiday on a recommendation from a friend and we're happy we chose Idaman Beach Holiday.

One of the aspects we liked about Idaman Beach Holiday is the fact that it makes the gorgeous island of Tioman accessible to those without a huge budget to spend. Having stayed at Idaman Beach Holiday, I can safely say that it offers pretty much everything you can expect for its price range, along with a few nice extras.

Idaman Beach Holiday = stunning beaches
Idaman Beach Holiday = stunning beaches

Location, location, location. It's easy to see why Idaman Beach Holiday scores as high as it does amongst travelers. The reason is that Idaman Beach Holiday is the only resort south of the Genting jetty, which makes it about as remote a resort as it can be.

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If you're into breathtaking panoramas, tropical tranquillity and the feeling of quiet solitude, then you'll love Idaman Beach Holiday. It's like being on a Robinson Crusoe island. The Idaman Beach Holiday sunsets were an absolute sight for sore eyes, as were the colourful coral gardens we saw whilst snorkeling, which you can do mere meters away from our chalet - quite unique.

The actual rooms at Idaman Beach Holiday are cozy, but basic of course, given its price bracket. Yet this was fine with us, because we tend to spend most of our time either at sea or exploring the beautiful surroundings. Incidentally, in spite of Idaman Beach Holiday's budget status, the rooms are clean and, FYI, some rooms offer hot-water shower and air-con too.

Book your Idaman Beach Holiday room here
Book your Idaman Beach Holiday room here

As for the food served at Idaman Beach Holiday, it's way above par, especially the BBQ spread, which was awesome. Menu-wise, you can choose from Western dishes or local favorites. The price, too, is right for the Idaman Beach Holiday "makan", which, by the way, is halal too. But do order early, because kitchen staff here take pride in their cuisine and, as such, take their time.

Idaman Beach Holiday's remoteness kind of precludes any of the nightlife and general buzz of Tekek, ABC or Salang, but it's the ideal place to be based if you're into snorkeling, scubadiving, canoeing, jungle-trekking, mountain-hiking or village sight-seeing. As well as the ever-popular sea-gazing from your chalet porch. It never seemed to tire.

Other facets we liked about Idaman Beach Holiday was its friendly staff, the great service offered and the almost homestay-type atmosphere.

In short, if you're looking for a romantic spa resort or a well-stocked bar with a thumping nightlife, then don't go to Idaman Beach Holiday. But If it's an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life you need, a weekend getaway to an idyllic beach paradise, or great snorkeling and scuba-diving, then Idaman Beach Holiday is for you.

Tip: Idaman Beach Holiday offers semi-detached and standalone chalets. If you're keen on privacy, then go for the standalone room, preferably away from the restaurant, because there may be Karaoke going on. Also, make sure you bring your camera, because the view from your window alone is absolutely worth immortalizing. Idaman Beach Holiday has only a few rooms, so it's probably a good idea to not wait too long before booking. You can try Agoda for a quick reservation process. Lastly, our room only had a single power point, so bring either an extension cord or an adapter.

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