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Book this Paradise Island Resort Safecation Promo package and enjoy a castaway island holiday experience of a lifetime, worry-free. Updated for 2024
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Safecation: A vacation away from crowded places, usually to a sunny tropical island destination, where everyone, i.e. all personnel and all other guests, have been fully vaccinated.

Looking to spend quality time cocooning - safely - on a blissful bounty island so secluded that few have even heard of it? Though few and far between, such far-flung paradise islands do still exist.

And we've found one.

Offering candy-hued corals in a gin-clear turquoise sea and flanked by picture-perfect beaches and untouched verdant jungle, this breathtaking sun-kissed island, at a mere few hours from Singapore, is the ideal tropical 'Safecation' destination to truly get away from it all.

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