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Reseña: Selamat datang ke, Bienvenido a Bungkil Place, situado en la bella y bella Pulau Tioman, conocida famosa como Isla Tioman
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Bungkil Place

Bungkil Place
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Tucked away in one of Tioman Island's most pristine corners, just outside Genting Kampong, Bungkil Place opened its doors fairly recently. But you won't be able to tell from the experienced owners. They're like pros.

In fact, we can safely say that Mr Razman surely has got to be one of the most knowledgeable, service-oriented, friendly and kind-hearted accommodation owners in Tioman. Not only that, but he's also a wizard in the kitchen :)

To be sure, Bungkil Place isn't going to appear on any of the countless posh travel agents' Top Five Swankiest Resorts listings. But then, it's not aiming for swank by any stretch. Instead, Bungkil Place is deliberately understated, easy-going and blissfully back to basics, preferring instead to follow the less is more approach. And it's doing a perfect job at it.

Yes, there's Wi-Fi and air-con, but that's about all the tech creature comforts on offer. But to us, Bungkil Place is all about nature, simplicity and pure paradise. It actually ticks all these boxes, and more.

Once you surrender to Bungkil Place's charming what you see is what you get way of life, you realize that your days in Bungkil Place are as complete as they can get, even without the numerous electronic gizmos, automated conveniences and endless domestic tech tools that we all think we can't live without.

Bungkil Place is all about what its wonderfully exotic surroundings happily feature, and rightly so. For us, nothing beat lounging on our balcony during the crispy mornings and multicolor sunsets that this neck of the Tioman woods has on offer. Frankly, taking in the tropical scene from our private little Bungkil Place paradise was one of our favorite pastimes here.

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That's not so say there aren't any high-octane activities to be had at Bungkil Place as well. With the beach and sea this close by, you'd be missing out if you didn't immerse yourself in the thick of things here.

We decided to have a few scubadiving sessions during our Tioman stay. We're all PADI-certified, so we were happy to learn that all we needed to do was ask Mr Razman where to find a suitable scuba outfit. Short story shorter: we were blowing bubbles that very same day. Pulau Renggis, whilst close to Tioman Island, was probably the most impressive dive spot.

But if you're not a diver, then I recommend still going out into the turquoise sea, because even just venturing out from the beach shallows was so rewarding. Lots of colourful creatures below, both terrestrial and of the free-swimming variety. And it's all in top-notch condition down there, possible due to the relative lack of tourism this far south of Tioman. Whatever the reason, this stretch of beach is absolutely worth a snorkel or two.

As for the Bungkil Place rooms, ours were generously equipped with fixtures and trappings, including a coffee/tea-making corner, BBQ facility, towels and even a bidet.

But all in all, Bungkil Place's real appeal is its wealth of natural beauty. The beach-front, the sea view, the traditional Malay kampong vibe, the premise's delicious privacy, we enjoyed it all to the max.

Incidentally, Mr Razman is well-versed in English, so no issues if you need anything specific. We had a couple of nice chats with him and in the process, we learned a lot about Tioman's past, present and possible future.

If we ever go to Tioman again, no guesses where we will be staying.

Tip: Better book your Bungkil Place rooms in advance because they're in demand.

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