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Want to get some yummy Eureka Snacks for your ferry journey to Tioman island? You're in luck, because Eureka Snacks is available at Mersing Harbour Centre.
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Eureka Snacks

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Eureka Snacks

Eureka Snacks

As a seasoned traveler, I always make sure to pack something to snack on with me on my journeys. And when it comes to visiting the idyllic island of Pulau Tioman from Singapore, I recommend you do the same.

Tummie Time
The journey to Tioman involves taking the bus and ferry and the endeavour can take a good chunk of time, so having a little something to munch on makes the the difference b rtween keeping you fueled and satisfied as opposed to running out of steam halfway. And my go-to snack? Oh, Eureka Snacks gourmet popcorn, hands down.

One of the several reasons I love Eureka Snacks is the variety of flavours they offer. About 2 dozen of them as it happens, and new ones are being introduced every so often. That's the kind of added value that a gourmet popcorn offers.

Sweet or Savoury
My personal favorites are the BBQ and the Sour Cream & Onion. Both have a natural and delicious taste that's sure to satisfy. And what sets Eureka Snacks apart from other snacks is that they're made without any preservatives, transfats, or GMOs. It's the perfect snack for those of us who value a healthy and clean lifestyle. So yeah, the "gourmet" reference is really on point here.

Now, as for getting to Pulau Tioman from Singapore, it's critical you book your bus and ferry tickets in advance, that'sto say, online. Not only does this ensure a trouble-free and stress-free journey, but it also guatantees that you have a seat on the bus and vessel you wanted.

Better Safe Than Sorry
The ferry to Tioman, in particular, can be a kind of bottle-neck, because the tides off Mersing determine the number of crossings the ferry can do daily. Low water levels on any given day mean fewer passengers will make it to Tioman. It's one of Tioman's quirks...

Meanwhile, for those traveling from Singapore, you'll want to head to Mersing Harbour Centre, which is the launching platform for the ferry to Pulau Tioman. To get to Mersing, you can take a bus from several different companies, including WTS and KKKL, along with quite a few others. Other popular starting points are Larkin Sentral, KL and Melaka.

Mersing Harbour Centre FTW!
Love to find a snack or two to keep the dreaded munchies at bay during your ferry journey to Tioman Island? You're in luck, because Mersing Harbour Centre is one of Malaysia's few select locations that's blessed with a vending machine solely dedicated to mouthwatering goodies created by Eureka Snacks.

Or perhaps you're still at home, planning your Tioman holiday and you prefer shopping online for your favorite Eureka Snacks. Well, then it's good know that Eureka Snacks are available online too.

Either way, happy travels!

-- Tioman-Bound --

Note: Over-indulging in savoury/sweet snacks, even snacks that are not very salty/sweet, may lead to excessive intake of sodium/sugar.


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