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Tioman Restaurants and Eateries

So you're in Tioman and you're having the time of your life. But instead of having all your meals at your accommodation every day, you'd like to sample the local "makan" too. So where do you go? And is it safe?

First of all, it's good to know that the food on Tioman is safe. Hygiene standards are on a par with the mainland and problems are very rare. That being said, sushi, sashimi and other (semi) raw dishes are typically not served in Tioman, and this being the tropics, the rule of thumb is to stick to food that's cooked throughout. This also applies to BBQ meals.

Dishes available in Tioman vary from local specialties, of which there are many, to western fare, such as hamburgers, fish and chips and even pizza and pasta. If you're really keen to try Asian meals, best ask for less spicy or "kurang pedas" initially. This way, you can ease yourself into the wonderful world of chili.

Now, each of Tioman's villages offers any number of eateries, ranging from modest mom and pop cafeteria-type outlets to full-on seafood restaurants with all the bells and whistles. Most of the places that offer food lie somewhere in between these two, however. And the great thing is: you never have to walk very far.

Here's a list of some of Tioman's more well-known food establishments:
(Do let us know if you'd to receive a few suggestions on where to eat or dine.)

Aqiss Bistro
Sea View Chinese Restaurant
Sarang Seafood Village
Restaurant Al Jannah
Restoran Delima
Citra Anugerah
Pawana Restaurant @ Tunamaya Resort
Tioman Cabana Bistro And Tour
Sri Nelayan Restaurant @ Berjaya Resort

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