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Mersing Harbour Centre by bus

Bus to Mersing

Are you going to Mersing by bus? A number of bus companies go from Singaporeto Mersing, oftentimes direct. There are two ways to book your tickets:

1. Going to a travel agency or by buying your tickets as a walk-in customer.
2. Booking online below.

Obviously, the first method is a bit more cumbersome and you'll likely have to wait in the queue, as travel agency ticket counters are always quite busy.

Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient response, I very much appreciate it, as it is very difficult to get multi-transport bookings right when you are thousands of miles away. Again, thank you for your kindness
-- Ita --

Booking online, on the other hand, tends to be easier, because you'll be emailed your booking confirmation within seconds and there's no need to wait for anything else. Better yet, you'll be able to use the booking for your trip right away.


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