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Tioman Ferry Tickets

Mersing to Tioman

From Mersing - Jul 2024:
Mersing 2024
Next month's schedule

     From Mersing, Aug
     From Tanjung Gemok, Jul - Aug
     [Tanjung Gemok = Teluk Gading]

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Pro Tip: Don't know which jetty to choose when booking your ferry? Don't worry; you can take any of the jetties listed, because the ferry typically, with exceptions, stops at all main jetties.

Please note that since the opening of Mersing Harbour Centre, the ferry ticket collection process, at least as far as Tioman Island is concerned, has changed.

Previously, ferry tickets booked online could be collected at any of the old outside Tioman Ferry Terminal counters. However, as Mersing Harbour Centre now houses the new indoor ferry counters, you need to collect your ferry tickets here, i.e. at Mersing Harbour Centre.

Once you have collected your ferry tickets, please head for the Bluewater Express counter to have your tickets validated. (For Cata, please make your way to the Cata ticket counter.)

Upon having your ferry tickets checked at the Bluewater Express counter, all passengers will be registered onto the passenger manifest.

We recommend checking in online in advance for your ferry journey, as this will greatly reduce waiting time. However, if you haven't checked in, please ensure you have all passengers' passports at the ready, as each needs to be scanned.

This scanning process incidentally, is to generate a complete passenger manifest. You'll subsequently also be handed your ferry boarding passes.

After all passports have been scanned, you can proceed to the Conservation Fee payment counter and the Tioman Toll payment counter, respectively.

After the fees have been paid, you can head for the boarding gate at the ferry terminal.

Bon voyage and happy holiday :)

NOTE: Booking your ferry seats in advance is recommended, as the shallow waters off Mersing are subject to tidal influences, resulting in variable ferry departure times.

Opening Hours

Regular opening hours for Mersing Harbour Centre are from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm daily. However, the ferry ticket counter in the complex will also be accessible during ferry departure times that fall outside of regular opening hours.

The rule of thumb being that in cases when the ferry departs before regular opening time, the Mersing Harbour Centre complex will actually be opened one hour prior to ferry departure time. For example, if ferry departure time is set for 7.00 am on a particular day, Mersing Harbour Centre will open at 6.00 am. As such, the ferry ticket counter will be accessible for collection of tickets booked online. When the ferry departs after regular closing time, Mersing Harbour Centre will close later than usual.

Weather Report

For general weather conditions vis-á-vis the Tioman ferry/schedule, please see the Local Weather section.

Ferry Schedule

For information about the Mersing - Tioman - Mersing ferry schedule, click here.


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