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Worried about parking your car in Mersing? Worry not, as there are two main car parks in Mersing. Rates depend on a few factors but range from 15-20 RM per day per car
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Parking at Mersing Harbour Centre

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Car Park

Car Park

In addition to VIP parking for dignitaries and several OKU slots, a Public Car Park lot is available at Mersing Harbour Centre. Opening hours are from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Like everything else, parking rates are subject to periodic increase, but currently cost is 15 RM per day per vehicle. The Public Car Park is located just opposite the ferry jetty.

The Public Car Park is fenced and manned by a handful of security staff and as such can be considered a safe option. In addition, the entire lot is paved, which reduces the chance of flooding and muddy scenes.

Mersing's Public Car Park is rather in demand, especially during weekends, school and public holidays, as well as summer holiday season. Click here if you want to submit a car park reservation request.

Rawa Car Park

The other parking lot, Mersing's Rawa Car Park, is located directly adjacent to Mersing Harbour Centre. This car park is the property of Rawa Island, but on days it's not quite full, this car park is also available to the general public.

Guests staying on Rawa Island typically park their car at the Rawa Car Park, because they're considered priority customers. The fee at this car park is 18 Ringgit per day too, although, again, may be subject to periodic increases.

Car Cover

Lastly, given the frequent squalls in the area, you can opt to protect your car against the elements with a sturdy car cover. Apart from the rain, the reflective car covers also provide a physical barrier against the sun and the mid-day heat. Rental cost of a car cover is RM15 per day; subject to availability of course. Want your car covered while it's parked? Just note this in the form.

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