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Worried about parking your car in Mersing? Worry not, as there are two main car parks in Mersing. Rates depend on a few factors but range from 15-20 RM per day per car
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Mersing Car Park

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Mersing Car Park

Mersing Car Park

If you're driving to Mersing, or you're renting a car, it's good to know that Mersing offers several great parkings, all conveniently situated close to the Mersing Harbour Centre complex. Better yet, they're all are ring-fenced and there's staff to make sure the vehicles stay safe.

A bit more detail about the parking lots near Mersing Harbour Centre.

A. Mr. Waiz Parking

Mr. Waiz Parking is a few minutes away from Mersing Harbour Centre. In fact, Mr. Waiz provides free transport between Mersing Harbour Centre and the actual car park. In addition, Mr. Waiz Parking is considered a secure car park, since there's security staff round the clock.

Car park fee at Mr. Waiz Parking starts at RM13 per day. PRO TIP: Canvas car covers are available at Mr. Waiz Parking for those who prefer to protect their vehicle from the sun, rain, wind, dust etc.

Use the form below to book a car park slot at Mr. Waiz Parking. Upon transfer of the RM 5 deposit, the parking reservation is confirmed.

B. MD Car Park

The MD car park is a great car park, though it can get a little hot at times, due to lack of trees and shrubbery. Booking a slot at the MD Car Park involves letting the attendant know before you arrive that you'd like them to reserve a slot for your vehicle.

Parking at the MD Car Park costs RM15 per day.

Do note of the MD Car Park operating hours, because during spring tides the Tioman ferry has to depart and arrive quite late/early, i.e. outside regular MD Car Park opening hours. In these cases, making prior arrangements with the MD Car Park staff is recommended.

C. Rawa Car Park

As Rawa Car Park is a private parking, the general public is not its target clientele. However, as the parking isn't always at capacity, there are times it's available to all visitors. That being said, during public and school holidays, as well as the always busy June to September months, Rawa Car Park does limit the number of car lots available to the general public in order to make sure their resorts guests can always count on a car park space, which makes sense.

The charges for parking at the Rawa Car Park are RM18 per day. Please note that there's no guarantee there will always be a slot available, as slots are taken up progressively until all are occupied.

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