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Worried about parking your car in Tanjung Gemok? Take the worry out of your holiday by booking your parking ahead of your arrival
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Tanjung Gemok Car Park Reservation

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Tanjung Gemok Car Park Reservation

Tanjung Gemok Car Park Reservation

If you're taking your car to Tanjung Gemok or you're driving a rental car, then it's good to know that Tanjung Gemok offers several secure car parks, both public and private. The lots tends to be rather modest in size, however, so it makes sense to reserve a car park in advance.

Secure Valet Parking

If you want to play it safe by booking a car lot at a Tanjung Gemok parking that's fenced, you can use the form below. The cost of booking a car park lot is a one-time payment of RM 5. Once payment has been received, your slot will be held for you until your arrival at the Tanjung Gemok ferry terminal.

The cost for parking your car in Tanjung Gemok starts at RM 10 per day. If you prefer your vehicle to be covered, i.e. protected from the elements, you can note this in the form below. Cost for a covered lot is RM 20 per day.

Parking Reservation Tanjung Gemok

Do you want to book a parking slot in Tanjung Gemok in advance? Just fill out below form to send off your car park reservation request.

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