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Blessed with world-class beaches and crystal-clear seas, as well as accessibility, it's easy to see why Tioman's popularity amongst the off-the-beaten track category is soaring
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Pulau Tioman

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Tioman Island

Pulau Tioman

Renowned the world over, Tioman Island is today every bit as breathtaking as it was 30 years ago when it first appeared on the radar of tourists from Singapore with a taste for ulu and pristine beaches, gin-clear seas, spotless skies, multi-hued swatches of coral gardens and untouched jungle buzzing with wildlife, big and small.

Initially a hang-out for budget travelers and backpackers content to stay in back-to-basic A-Frames, Tioman has over the past few years grown into a fully-fledged holiday destination paradise island, offering luxurious resort rooms for generous budgets, whilst also retaining a number of back-to-basic Robinson Crusoe set-ups for the road-less-travelled category of travelers.

Tioman comprises more than ten kampongs, traditional Malay villages, but the most well-known ones are Genting, Paya, Tekek, Ayer Batang (a.k.a. ABC) and Salang, which are all located on the island's west coast. The east coast features Kampong Juara, the only village on this side of the island.

Tioman Resorts
The first exclusive hotel to arrive in Tioman was Berjaya Resort, found at the edge of Tekek. This grand old lady has undergone several rounds of upgrades and touch-ups, but continues to draw Singapore-based travelers in impressive numbers on account of its comprehensive offerings. Guests never need to leave the spacious grounds, as facilities and amenities are plentiful.

[Click here for a full overview of Tioman's accommodations]

Swanky Bagus Place, Japamala and Tunamaya, scattered along Tioman Gold Coast, followed in Berjaya's footsteps, but are now equally established and self-sufficient resorts in their own right.

Thanks to Tioman's versatility, travelers keen to stay in less up-market properties can choose from a variety of mid-range to budget lodgings. Incidentally, as not every single accommodation on the island comes with their own in-house restaurant, it's good to know that each of Tioman's kampongs offer quite a few independent eateries.

That said, as Tioman's villages are peppered with a number of provisions shops as well, even travelers who prefer home-cooked meals are able to live it up here.

Tioman Clinic +60 (0)9-4191880
Mersing Hospital +60 (0)7-799 3333

Speaking of living it up, if you enjoy a cold one every now and again, then you'll be pleasantly surprised that Tioman offers a few bars and pubs. Better still, Tioman was declared a duty-free zone years ago, so alcohol and cigarettes are priced rather attractively. Keen to get some? Tioman's duty-free shops are listed here. But keep an eye on Singapore's duty-free customs regulations.

Please consume in moderation :)

Tioman Recreation
Arguably the prime activity Tioman is best known for, apart from lounging on the beach of course, is scubadiving. No surprise really, considering the island is surrounded by crystal-clear waters, teeming with wildlife. Snorkeling probably comes a close second. And if you and/or the kids love spending time in and around a swimming pool, you're all in luck when staying here.

But freediving is available too. As is fishing, jungle-trekking, kayaking and island-hopping and SUP.

Spa and Wellness
If you came to Tioman Island to cocoon, enjoy exotic tranquillity and to immerse yourself in blissful Zen, then you came to the right place. Tioman offers a half a dozen Spa and Wellness centres.

Whatever the activity you go for, one thing's for sure, a good time will be had by all.

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