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Kampong Paya

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Kampong Paya

Kampong Paya

Paya is nestled on the south-western shore of Tioman, in between Genting and Tekek Village. It's the second stop if you're coming to Tioman by Mersing ferry.

Paya boasts a pretty good line of beaches and, as it sits on the base of Gunung Kajang, Tioman's highest hill, it also has plenty of cooling shade in the morning.

It appears Paya is frequented primarily by Singaporean tourists, who appreciate the Paya style of accommodations: fairly traditional and pleasing to the eye, whilst not lacking in modern amenities, such as air-con and hot-water showers. A number of the establishments here are Singaporean-run.

A great middle-of-the-road choice if you like to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of town, Paya has everything you need to relax mind and body, because facilities around Paya are quite complete too. There's a spa and a number of restaurants. All-in-one packages are available for Tioman revelers who prefer to travel free and easy.

If you're planning to scuba dive, then rest assured, there's a dive outfit in Paya. Although, that said, they'll probably take you to the dive sites nearer to ABC and Salang. Mind you, Pulau Renggis, a great spot for beginning divers especially, is a short boat-ride away from Paya and offers a healthy reef system and abundant marine life.

Kampong Paya supports Project Aware.


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