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Each of Tioman's villages have any number of great "makan" places, serving anything from simple dishes, up to awesome multi-course seafood fests
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Tioman Restaurants/Gastronomy

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Tioman Restaurants

Tioman Restaurants/Gastronomy

So you're in Tioman and you're having the time of your life. But instead of having all your meals at your accommodation every day, you want to sample the local makan, see how it stacks up to your favorate eateries in Singapore. So where in Tioman do you go? And is the food in Tioman safe?

First of all, it's good to know that the food in Tioman is safe. Hygiene standards are better than ever and problems are very rare.

That being said, sushi, sashimi and other (semi-) raw dishes are typically not served in Tioman, and this being the tropics, the rule of thumb is to stick to food that's cooked throughout. This also applies to BBQ meals.

Dishes available in Tioman include the same local specialties as in Singapore, albeit with a slightly more Malay slant. There's western fare too, such as hamburgers, fish and chips and even pizza and pasta.

Now, each of Tioman's villages offers any number of eateries, ranging from modest mom and pop cafeteria-type outlets to full-on seafood restaurants with all the bells and whistles.

Most of the food places lie somewhere in between these two ends, however. And the great thing is: you never have to walk very far.

Here's a list of some of Tioman's more well-known food establishments:

(Do let us know if you'd like to receive a few suggestions on the better establishments to eat or dine.)

Aqiss Bistro
Citra Anugerah
Pawana Restaurant @ Tunamaya
Restaurant Al Jannah
Restoran Delima
Sarang Seafood Village
Sea View Chinese Restaurant
Sri Nelayan Restaurant @ Berjaya
Tioman Cabana Bistro & Bar


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