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Want to make friends quickly, or get a bit of discount at the shops? Nothing works better than knowing a few words of the Malay language
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Malaysia Boleh

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Malaysia Boleh

Malaysia Boleh

Whilst most Malaysians by far are well-versed in English, nothing breaks the ice quicker for a tourist than using a few Malay words here and there.

In fact, Bahasa Melayu, as the local colloquial language is called here, is especially rewarding, because it's not that hard to learn.

Just for fun we've peppered our site with a few Malay words and phrases. And they may well come in useful too.

Jom cakap Melayu :)

Jom! = "Let's go!"
Cakap = "To speak"
Boleh = "Can" / "Sure"
Makan = "To eat" / "food"
Minum = "To drink"
Terimah kasih = "Thank you"

Incidentally, Malay pronunciation is mostly phonetic. The only real exception being the letter "c", as it's pronounced as "ch". So don't worry too much about not getting the sounds exactly right.

Oh, the other thing not to fret over is the plural, because nouns are the same in singular and plural.

See the bottom of this page for an overview of all words and phrases included in our site.


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Melayu English
Ada diskaun Can we have a discount?
Ada kereta Do you have a car?
Ada rumah? Do you have a room?
Ada wifi? Do you have wifi?
Anda You
Ayer Water
Bagus Good
Bas Bus
Bayar Pay
Berapa jam ke Mersing How long to Mersing
Berita News
Bilik Room
Biru Blue
Boleh Sure/Can
Cari Search/Find
Cuti Holiday
Di mana parking kereta? Where's the parking?
Di mana restoran Where's the restaurant?
Dua tiket Two tickets
Feri ke Tioman Ferry to Tioman
Gambar Photo
Hilang Lost/Missing
Hujan Rain
Hutan Jungle
Jom! Let's go!
Joran Fishing rod
Kami We
Kampong Village
Kanan Right
Kaunter tiket feri Fery ticket counter?
Kiri Left
Karang Coral
Kedai Shop
Kereta Car
Keselamatan Safety
Kopi Coffee
Kurang manis Less sugar
Laju Speed
Laut Sea
Lepak Relax
Makan To eat or food
Malam Night
Mancing Fishing
Mata hari Sun
Minum Drink
Minum keras Alcoholic drinks
Nasi goreng Fried rice
Nombor Telefon Phone number
Pantai Beach
Penuh Full
Penyu Turtle
Pergi To go
Peta Map
Petua Tip
Promosi Promotion
Pukul berapa? What time?
Pulau Island
Renang To swim
Sakit Sick or Pain
Sarang Nest
Satu Dua Tiga One Two Three
Saya tak paham I don't understand
Sedap Delicious
Selamat pagi Good morning
Selamat petang Good evening
Selamat pagi Good morning
Selamat jalan Bye-bye/Have a great journey
Solat Pray/Prayer
Tandas Toilet
Tanpa gula Without sugar
Tanya To ask
Teh Tea
Telur Egg
Terbang Fly
Terimah kasih Thank you
Terimah kasih banyak Thank you very much
Terimah kasi/Sama-sama Thank you/You're welcome
Tidak No
Tidoh Sleep
Tolong Please
Ya Yes

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