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Apart from Mersing Harbour Centre, Mersing offers hotels and quite a few others draws worthwhile seeing and experiencing
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The town of Mersing is situated in Johor. Johor faces Singapore to the south, the South China Sea to the east and the Malacca Straight to the west. Mersing is considered the gateway to Tioman Island and the other paradise islands along the Johor coast.

Whether you go by car, by taxi or by bus, Mersing is about a 2 hours' drive from Woodlands.

From Singapore, total travel time to Mersing is about 3 hours or so, dpending on where you start your journey of course.

Given the unpredictability of traffic, especially around the Causeway, a timely departure is recommended in order to not miss your boat ride to Tioman, Rawa or any of the other holiday islands accessible from Mersing.

NOTE: Booking your ferry seats in advance is recommended, as the at times shallow waters of Mersing are subject to tidal influences, resulting in variable ferry departure times.

Lastly, if you've arrived in Mersing from Singapore in the evening and you need a decent place to stay overnight, you'll find a full overview of Mersing's accommodations here.


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