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Whether you're looking for shops, a spa, left your phone, or you want to pray in a surau, Mersing Harbour Centre offers plenty of facilities and amenities
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Mersing Harbour Centre Facilities

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Mersing Harbour Centre Facilities


Mersing Harbour Centre offers a wealth of facilities and amenities. There's a spacious area designated for food and beverage, as well as a comprehensive restroom/washroom section. Feel like having a refreshing shower? There are a few full-on shower cubicles available at less than 2 Ringgit. (Please note that using the restroom is charged at a very reasonable 40 sen. Rounding up is permitted :)

If you're looking to limber up those tight muscles after your bus journey from Singapore, it's good to know that you can get a soothing rub-down or reflexology session right at Mersing Harbour Centre too.


The complex also offers a number of shops, kiosks and pushcarts that have a wide variety of goods and snacks for sale at very affordable prices. But there's also a few well-stocked provisions shops; just the ticket for those last-minute errands like sun-screen, mozzie spray, a bottle of water etc.

Prayer Room

Those who want to pray will be pleased to know that Mersing Harbour Centre features a Prayer Room. And for businesses looking for a fully-equipped meeting area there's a conference/exhibition hall available too. To keep the little'uns entertained whilst awaiting your ferry or bus, there's a nice playground just outside the Mersing Harbour Centre building, just next to the F&B area.

Lost and Found

Traveling is great and getting there is half the fun sure, but sometimes you're so caught up in your itinerary that you leave behind a piece of luggage as you get up from a cafe, or forget to pick up your mobile phone or laptop from a restaurant table. If you left behind your bag, electronic device, or any other valuable, go to the Lost and Found section and let us know. No guarantees we'll find it of course, but we will at least do our best to help locate your item.

Official Meeting Point

Typically, Mersing Harbour Centre is the drop-off point for all incoming buses and taxis from far and wide throughout Malaysia. In fact, Mersing Harbour Centre's food court is Mersing best known Meeting Point. So if you're taking a taxi from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Malacca, as well as further afield, just tell your driver your destination is Mersing Harbour Centre. He or she will instantly know where to go, no worries.


Driving from Singapore to Mersing Harbour Centre in a rental car or your own vehicle? Check here for your parking options.


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