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So you'd love to scuba-dive off Tioman but you're wary to book a place, because you don't know which scuba company is reliable? Let us know; we'll provide a few solid contenders
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Scubadiving Around Tioman

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Scubadiving Around Tioman

Scubadiving Around Tioman

With so much natural wealth on display in Tioman Island's turquoise waters, in the form of its countless multi-hued coral gardens and veritable marine life treasure troves, it should come as no surprise to hear that scubadiving is one of the primary recreational activities here.

To meet demand, quite a few scubadive outfits have sprung up on the island over the years. Today, each of Tioman's principal villages features at least a handful scubadive companies. Then there's the ones based on the Malaysia mainland and in Singapore. All offer diving in Tioman.

With all of these companies vying for customers, the challenge for scubadivers is to find an outfit that consistently offers quality service and dependability. This is no mean feat, especially in light of the fact that pretty much all of Tioman's divers are typically from overseas.

Sure, Tripadvisor can be helpful, but it can also make matters worse, since reviews and advice can be rather contradictory at times.

Now, if you're one of these overseas divers and you're not sure which of the scuba outfits you've found online are good and established enough to book and dive with, just let us know. We'd be happy to provide some pointers, or offer some suitable scuba company suggestions.

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