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If you or your kids can't wait to spend time in the pool, then there's good news, because these Tioman resorts offer awesome swimming pools:
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Swimming Pools in Tioman

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Swimming Pools in Tioman

Swimming Pools in Tioman

What spells holiday fun more than time spent in a swimming pool? Kids love it, adults love it, everybody loves splashing around in a swimming pool. Others like to swim laps, get some exercise that's easy on the joints and a lot of fun to boot. Or perhaps your ideal R&R is sipping a longdrink whilst in waist deep water.

In fact, let's face it, even when you're not actually in the pool, just hanging out in the pool area, whether reading on a lounge chair, or dozing off under a cabana, swimming pools are an awesome place to spend some quality holiday time at.

Well, for those keen to book a resort in Tioman that has a swimming pool, there's good news. Each of following resorts offer a great swimming pool:

- Japamala Resort
- Berjaya Resort
- Paya Resort
- Selesa Apartment Units
- Barat Beach Resort
- Tunamaya Resort

Happy splashing!


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