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Ulasan: Selamat datang ke, welcome to Permata Beach Chalet, terletak di Pulau Tioman yang indah, dikenali di luar negara sebagai Tioman Island
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Permata Beach Chalet

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Permata Beach Chalet

Permata Beach Chalet

Selamat datang ke Permata Beach Chalet
Selamat datang ke Permata Beach Chalet

My girlfriend and I selected Permata Beach Chalet as our hotel in Tioman, because it's on Juara Beach, which we saw on CNN is ranked as one of the world's most beautiful beaches. We didn't realize back then that Permata Beach Chalet actually has dozens of other ways to make our stay so memorable.

Now, truth be told, Permata Beach Chalet consists of a pretty basic cottage. Its unassuming feel is quite distinct, so if you're more comfortable with room service, luxurious buffets and a swanky spa, Permata Beach Chalet is in all likelihood not really suitable for you.

Permata Beach Chalet's objective is more moderate: to create a mood of absolute bliss for its visitors by doing what it does best, regale its guests in a timeless treasure island.

At Permata Beach Chalet, you can't help but feel you're at World's End; a serene off-the-grid little paradise that seems to have defied discovery.

The resounding tranquillity, the exotic ambiance, the pristine backdrop, at Permata Beach Chalet, it all comes together into a rustic haven of idyll, albeit a primitive one.

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Our room at Permata Beach Chalet was quite spacious. We also found the room's facilities really generous. Toiletries, slippers, electric kettle, towels, drying rack etc. Clearly, Permata Beach Chalet has put a lot of thought and care into its customer service.

Best of all, the room came with a view that was the prettiest ever. We couldn't get enough of the sunset vistas that painted itself right in front of our beach-facing patio. Sunset views in Tioman. Life. Is. Good.

By the way, our room also had a separate bathroom, with both shower and toilet. And, whilst we don't mind living the simple life, we prefer aircon, because the nights in the tropics can get pretty sweltering. The aircon at Permata Beach Chalet kept us nice and comfy, a prerequisite for a good night's sleep here, practically on the equator.

Permata Beach Chalet's location is central enough to have access to plenty of activities. We did quite a lot of snorkeling off Juara's beach, because it really offered so much to see.

We also did a jungle hike with a guide, because we'd heard that Rafflesia is spotted in Tioman. This is the biggest flower in the world apparently. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see it. Then again, this is a great reason to come back to Tioman :)

Looking back at our stay at Permata Beach Chalet, we've nothing but awesome memories. In fact, it took us quite a while to shake the post-holiday blues. Come to think of it, it looks like we'll be back to Tioman either way.

Tip: If you book Permata Beach Chalet in advance, you can also contact June, who will arrange things like a pick-up from Tekek Village, the place where you'll need to disembark the ferry from the mainland. One more thing, Tioman also has a Permai Chalet. Don't get confused.

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