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Ulasan: Selamat datang ke, welcome to Panuba Inn, terletak di Pulau Tioman yang indah, dikenali di luar negara sebagai Tioman Island
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Panuba Inn

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Panuba Inn

Panuba Inn

When my wife and I arrived in Panuba, we instantly realized what makes this resort the special tropical island resort that it is.

For starters, it's the way Panuba Inn's location is letter-perfect, detached from the rest of Tioman and ensconced by verdant jungle on its interior-facing side and flanked by a secluded stretch of beach on the other side. In fact, the immediate Panuba Inn surroundings are nothing short of idyllic.

Panuba Inn's private beach, a sandy little paradise
Panuba Inn's private beach,
a sandy little paradise

Panuba Inn is blessed in the way it sits in a charming little cove all by itself. This gave a complete sense of privacy that we thoroughly enjoyed. We went on snorkeling trips daily, just loving the colourful coral and countless fishes darting about. Snorkeling equipment can be had for a modest sum from the Panuba Inn reception.

Panuba Inn also arranged a snorkel trip for us further afield, to an island eponymously called Coral Island. We later heard the island's original name is Pulau Tulai, a pretty name, but perhaps not as inviting as "Coral Island".

Be that as it may, Coral Island has lots and lots of coral patches. We were chuffed that we got to see it.

It won't come as a surprise to hear that our snorkeling outings notwithstanding, we didn't do a whole lot at Panuba Inn, apart from plenty of unadulterated lazing about. Panuba Inn is the ideal location for slothly whiling your days away to the tune of the ever-rustling leaves and surf lapping at the beach.

The gentle sea breeze and languid pace here makes Panuba Inn the quintessential relaxation spot. My wife and I unanimously agreed and so it was decreed.

At the end of our stay, we were comfortably numb and utterly relaxed. Bravo Panuba Inn.

Book your Panuba Inn room and experience Tioman's mesmerizing tranquillity every day of your stay.

Our room, by the way, was clean and adequate. Not cushy or exclusive by any stretch. Don't expect a wee chocolate on your pillow. However, Panuba Inn is a family-run resort and it shows; there's a lot of pride and joy going into Panuba Inn daily.

Selamat datang ke Tioman's Panuba Inn. Click here to book your idyllic room
Selamat datang ke Tioman's Panuba Inn.
Click here to book your idyllic room

Incidentally, the view during sunset, from the higher rooms especially, is extraordinary. Obviously, you'll need to climb the slope first to reach that height, so keep that in mind before committing to the higher room.

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Panuba Inn does have wi-fi, but it's not exactly speedy. We didn't care too much, but perhaps others prefer a fast line to get messages out. That said, we've heard that Tioman's internet is of the satellite variety, which means that it will always be a little shaky and relatively slow as compared to the terrestrial lines of back home.

The next village along is Kampong Air Batang, colloquially called ABC, for Air Batang Chalet. You can walk there from Panuba Inn, for example for the few drinking holes as well as small eateries that are on offer there.

Tip: Apart from a small meeting room, there's also a small provisions shop that sells drinking water, crisps and other stuff. The Panuba Inn restaurant only operates during meal times, so always make sure you have some munchies and fluids handy from the shop.

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