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Ulasan: Selamat datang ke ABC Chalet and Restaurant, terletak di Pulau Tioman yang menakjubkan, juga dikenal sebagai Tioman Island
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ABC Chalet and Restaurant Review

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ABC Chalet and Restaurant

ABC Chalet and Restaurant

We had a booking at ABC Chalet and Restaurant for a week, but we extended our stay twice; in the end, our cute ABC Chalet and Restaurant cottage became our cozy little home away from home for two blissful weeks.

I suppose this pretty much renders the rest of this review moot :) Nevertheless, let me elaborate a little more on the idyllic sanctuary that is ABC Chalet and Restaurant.

As the name implies, ABC Chalet and Restaurant is located in the Tioman village of ABC. If you can't find "ABC" on your map, then note that its actual name is "Ayer Batang", also spelt "Air Batang".

The "ABC" moniker is a term of endearment made up by the locals and now adopted widely. It does have a certain ring to it. Plus it's more easy to remember. The "C", by the way, stands for "Chalets".

ABC Chalet and Restaurant's beach-front tin-roofed bungalows are quite adequate. Ours was the sea view chalet, which, incidentally, apart from the (stunning) sea view, had a private little verandah as well.

If you enjoy idling through the late afternoon with your loved one, whilst drinking in the sunset, it doesn't get much better than at ABC Chalet and Restaurant. The sunset was simply breathtaking.

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Our room, whilst fairly basic, offered a few welcome extras. We had a hot-water shower in the en suite bathroom, a fridge/freezer combo, a coffee maker and a hair dryer. There was no aircon, but thanks to the sea breeze and the fan that was provided, we were never all that hot. Oh, towels are provided too, but not daily, so ask if you need fresh ones.

We also had a little desk that we used to write our emails. To send them, we needed to go to the front desk area, as Wi-Fi was restricted to there. No biggie, especially since Wi-Fi is free at ABC Chalet and Restaurant, which I heard later isn't the case at all ABC resorts.

As for the in-house restaurant of ABC Chalet and Restaurant, suffice to say that we had most of our meals there. We found the dishes of good quality and sizable, yet affordable. Also, the staff were good-natured and affable, which we value greatly in a hospitality establishment.

Special mention needs to be made for the seafood at ABC Chalet and Restaurant, because that really is at the very top end of the deliciousness scale at ABC Chalet and Restaurant. That said, make your way to the restaurant area before you're too hungry, because food time-to-table can be longer than you're used to.

Lastly, and speaking of seafood, you can go for all kinds of outings from ABC Chalet and Restaurant. We went on snorkeling, hiking and fishing trips. And the fish we caught while snorkeling, we BBQ'ed ourselves later that evening, which was nothing short of awesome.

Tip: ABC Chalet and Restaurant owns a mere 10 chalets and they seem to prefer direct online bookings. As ABC Chalet and Restaurant are quite in demand by the scuba diving fraternity, it's advisable to book your room online, with either Agoda or

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