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Travelers these days want, or even need Wi-Fi so as to stay in touch with family/friends back home. Who has good Wi-Fi in Tioman? You can check it here..
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Wi-Fi in Tioman

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Wi-Fi in Tioman

Wi-Fi in Tioman

Whilst there are those that insist on being completely off-grid when on a holiday, these days most travelers prefer to at least have the option to remain connected.

Having access to the internet doesn't only help staying in touch with family and friends back home, but it's also good to know that we can dip into our work email, should the need arise.

This difference in approach is also reflected by hospitality establishments; some offer free Wi-Fi, others still charge for their Internet connection. And then there are those that don't offer any Internet connection at all.

If you're the kind of traveler that has a preference for being able to log in every now and again, how do you know the resort you have in mind for your next Tioman trip does actually have Internet? Is the Wi-Fi offered fast enough, stable enough? Or will you be best friends with the progress bar?

If having access to a good Wi-Fi network is essential for you, below table can perhaps tip the balance of your decision of which accommodation to book. The table is not yet complete, but we're receiving details from the Mersing/Tioman establishments on a regular basis and we we strive to provide the most recent updates.

Resort/Hotel Type Village Speed
Babura SeaviewWi-Fi Tekek High-speed
Bagus PlaceWi-Fi Mukut Approved
Berjaya Wi-Fi Tekek High-speed
CheersWi-Fi Tekek Approved
Coconut GroveWi-Fi Juara Approved
Demai Wi-Fi Genting Approved
Global HouseWi-Fi Tekek Approved
Go DeeperWi-Fi Tekek Approved
Impian Inn Wi-Fi Genting Approved
Japamala Wi-Fi Genting Approved
MelinaWi-Fi Genting Approved
Minang Cove - Mukut -
MonteWi-Fi Tekek Approved
Nazri's PlaceWi-Fi ABC Approved
Selesa CondotelWi-Fi Tekek High-speed
Swiss CottageWi-Fi Tekek Approved
TDRWi-Fi ABC Approved
Tunamaya Wi-Fi Genting Approved


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