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Kampong Mukut

Kampong Mukut

Kampong Mukut is a sleepy little fishing village that has changed little since Tioman was just discovered by tourism. Its authentic old-school charm and slow pace of life is hard to beat, even on Tioman. If you like tranquillity, nature and the traditional village life where time seems to stand still, Mukut Village is the place to be.

There is no direct ferry to Mukut; you need to disembark from the ferry at Genting and then take a small water taxi to Mukut. So it takes a bit more effort to reach Mukut, but the nearby spectacular Asah waterfall and Tioman's signature Twin Peaks alone make Mukut more than worth the extra effort.

But there are gorgeous little beaches too in Mukut that you'll be elated to sample and that you may as well call your own private beach front, they're that breathtaking and that secluded.

Accommodations in Mukut are fairly basic; most chalets offer fans and cold-water showers only and the meals here are of traditional Malay kind, i.e. mostly delicately-flavored rice served with fragrant fish, usually with a generous dollop of chilli.

You can rent snorkel gear from the villagers in Mukut, so do have a go at the clear waters here. If you're more into land-based activities, then you'll be happy to note that Mukut is also a suitable point from which to start trekking the hilly granite slopes in the jungle backdrop or even, for the really intrepid, the Dragon's Horns.

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