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Tioman Surfing

Tioman Surfing

Whilst the best surf comes rolling into Tioman from about November to February, the rest of the year isn't quite devoid of waves either. Still, for more consistent swell, hardcore surfers know they have to start flocking to the island once the yearly northeast monsoon takes a bit of a foothold, usually from November onwards.

In fact, the surf during this season is steady enough to have inspired Tioman locals to create Tioman Surf Festival, a yearly surf contest held in Juara on Tioman's east coast.

The inaugural surfing competition was held in 2010 and introduced surfing to Tioman as a fun form of recreation for tourists and locals, alike.

During the 3 day surf event, visitors can participate in a number of exciting land-based activities, such as rock climbing, speed climbing and beach perennial, team tug of war. There will also be bands performing live music during the festival.

Obviously, regular sea-based recreational fun will also be available, including stand up paddle, scubadiving, snorkeling, kayaking etc. Plus there will be ample opportunity for discussing conservation and recycling topics, as well as for actual beach clean-ups.

For more Tioman Festival details, contact Tioman Cabana.

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