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After your ferry has arrived in Tekek, disembark, walk along the jetty and cross the bridge into the Tekek's arrival area. Welcome to Tioman :)
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Arriving in Kampong Tekek

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Arriving in Kampong Tekek

Arriving in Kampong Tekek

If your destination is Kampong Tekek, then you'll find yourself at the village arrival complex (pictured above) after disembarking the ferry and making your way across the bridge. Depending on your booking, you'll either get picked up by your accommodation or you'll have to find your way there yourself.

Tekek's accommodations are all to the right from the arrival area. Most can be reached on foot, but for some of the places, walking there may be a bit of a slog, especially if you have heavy cases to carry. Perhaps taking a taxi is better idea.

Those staying at Berjaya or Condotel are in luck, because these resorts offer a complimentary shuttle to and fro.

Incidentally, there's quite a few eateries at this arrival area, all serving tasty dishes, both local and western, as well as hot and cold beverages. Now would be a good time to sample some of these before you make your way to your resort or hotel.

If your booking is for any of the accommodations in Kampong Juara, make sure you disembark the ferry at Tekek also, because the only way to get to Juara Village is by taxi from Tekek. The reason for this is that there's no dedicated ferry service to Juara. But no worries, usually, there's a few taxis available at Tekek's arrival area. In some cases, your Juara resort may offer taxi transfer.

If you want to walk to Kampong ABC (Ayer Batang) from Tekek, you can. Just head left from the Tekek arrival complex and keep walking until you reach ABC. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get there.

Looking for an ATM? It's less than 100 meters to the left from Tekek's arrival complex.


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