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Review: Selamat datang ke, welcome to Riverview Resort, located on breathtaking Tioman Island, also known as Pulau Tioman
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Riverview - Heaven on a budget.

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Riverside Hotel

Riverview - Heaven on a budget
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A basic but very decent resort, Riverview offers prime beach location at the north end of the northern Juara bay. The fairly posh and somewhat Tudoresque A-frame chalets boast balconies directly over a meandering jungle river that eventually meets the sea. You'll never tire of this gorgeous view of nature at its most untouched.

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The large flat area of beach on the restaurant side offers an inviting volleyball pitch and the rest of the grounds are covered in soft Japanese grass that's practically made for guests to enjoy barefoot.

The village of Juara itself is fantastic, quiet, lovely and ideally suitable for families. The Bushman cafe at the other end of the beach does amazing food dishes, as do several other food establishments nearby. Try some of the local delights, you won't regret it.

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The snorkeling on this end of Tioman is second to none and all snorkeling equipment is available here. Apart from the snorkeling and the volleyball, your kids will probably end up playing beach football with the local kampong kids, and the littl'uns will be sound asleep before you can say "blissfully spent".

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