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Selamat Datang, bienvenue à Tioman Ferry Tickets Service; we're located at the recently-opened Mersing Harbour Centre, in Mersing, gateway to Pulau Tioman, Rawa et al
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Tioman Ferry Tickets

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Tioman Ferry Tickets

Tioman Ferry Tickets

Tioman Ferry Tickets and info provider
Bluewater Express Counter
Mersing Harbour Centre,
Jalan Abu Bakar,
86800 Mersing,
Johor, Malaysia.
Operator: Mr David Lee
Telephone: +6019 7842977

You can book your ferry tickets to Tioman as a walk-in passanger at this counter. However, to ensure availability, ferry seats are best booked in advance, i.e. online. Once booked, you can collect your tickets upon your arrival in Mersing at at the Bluewater Express ticket counter, located in Mersing Harbour Centre.

  De Mersing - May 2024:
Mersing 2024
Planning du mois précédent

     De Mersing, Jun
     De Tanjung Gemok, May - Jun
     [Tanjung Gemok = Teluk Gading]

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Pro Tip: Vous ne savez pas quelle jetée choisir lors de la réservation de votre ferry? Pas de problème, parce que le ferry généralement, sauf exceptions, à toutes les jetées principales de la côte ouest.

Thank you very much. Your customer service is excellent. We are looking forward to traveling with
-- Veronika --

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Alternatively, if you've just come back from your stay in Tioman and you need to book a bus or taxi to your next destination, you're free to inquire here also.

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