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Crítica: Selamat datang ke, Bem vindo ao Sun Beach Resort, situado na belíssima Pulau Tioman, também conhecida como Ilha Tioman Island
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Sun Beach Resort

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Sun Beach Resort

Sun Beach Resort

A few positive things stand out right away when you stay at Sun Beach Resort. For starters, it's the first ferry stop after departing from Mersing or Tanjung Gemok. That means you arrive at Sun Beach Resort sooner than any of the other Tioman resorts.

In other words, ferry travel time is as short as it can get. If you're only staying in Tioman a weekend, this is a great plus.

Chalet with a memorable sea view, courtesy of Sun Beach Resort
Chalet with a memorable sea view
Courtesy of Sun Beach Resort

The next good thing is the excellent location of Sun Beach Resort. It's right by the beach! And this beach is lovely: clear blue water as far as you can see. Best of all is the mesmerizing sound of the waves in their round-the-clock pas-de-deux with the sand.

We didn't only feel utterly relaxed our entire stay here, but we also slept as soundly as we can remember. Courtesy of the sounds of the sea and our breathtaking views, I'm sure.

Need a room in Tioman? Sun Beach Resort will do just nicely
Need a room in Tioman?
Sun Beach Resort will do just nicely

But there's more Sun Beach Resort goodness, because the meals here are awesome. We opted for the full-on Sun Beach Resort package, so the food was included. Glad we did go for the package, because all meals are very tasty, especially the BBQ dinners, which included seafood, beef and chicken.

I highly recommend the package - the "makan" at Sun Beach Resort is absolutely fabulous.

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If you did get the package, then a snorkeling excursion is included. Apart from a location called Marine Park, which was good too, one of the spots we snorkeled at was called Renggis, perhaps a 15 minute boat ride from Sun Beach Resort.

Renggis was especially memorable for its crystal-clear water, countless colourful little fish, quality coral patches and its idyllic sun-kissed setting. It's so perfect, it feels like some man-made operation. But we were told by the locals that Renggis is real, a natural gem.

By the way, all snorkel gear is provided and there's a floating pontoon just off Renggis for those who want to take a bit of a breather. Great for kids and older folks.

As for our Sun Beach Resort room, no complaints at all. It was well-maintained, clean, quite spacious and offered running hot and cold water, as well as air-con.

By the way, Sun Beach Resort is a short stroll to Kampong Genting, the village. So if you need some day-to-day groceries or you want to go on a souvenir spree, then head over to the "main strip" so to speak. It's pretty much all there.

In our opinion, the package deal we got here was real good value for money. It's the whole Tioman experience, all under one roof: a remote paradise beach, beautiful sea-based and land-based nature all-around, delicious food, friendly and helpful staff and, last but not least, comfy living quarters, with a stunning sea view bonus. If you're the type that likes to explore different spots, then you may want to venture elsewhere after your stay at Sun Beach Resort. But if you prefer to stay with a winner once you've found one, then Sun Beach Resort will be for you again and again.

Tip: Since Sun Beach Resort is partly built on a hill, it makes sense to note to them beforehand that you prefer a room that doesn't involve too much climbing if you have very young kids or elderlies in your party. If you're going snorkeling, bring some bread; the fishes will love you. Oh, FYI, the meals are quite spicy at Sun Beach Resort, so ask the kitchen to ease up a bit on the chili if you're not really a hot-food fan. Also, Sun Beach Resort is popular, for obvious reasons, so booking in advance is recommended. For instance on Agoda or Happy holidays!

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