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Crítica: Selamat datang ke, Bem vindo ao Aguna Resort, situado na belíssima Pulau Tioman, também conhecida como Ilha Tioman Island
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Aguna Resort

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Aguna Resort

Aguna Resort

Aguna Resort can be considered one of Tioman's prettier holiday locations. In fact, all in all, given the modest rate we paid on for Aguna Resort, we were pleasantly surprised at the value-for-money that this picturesque little slice of paradise offers. Our chalet didn't only have full air-conditioning and hot-water shower, but also included in the price was a way-better-than-average breakfast.

Best of all, there's decent wifi too. I mean, sure, you need to go to the restaurant area to get in the cloud, but, hey, any place that offers wifi, especially on a remote island like Tioman, deserves accolades, plain and simple.

Book your Aguna Resort room online, safely and securely, on
Book your Aguna Resort room online, safely and securely, on Agoda

Aguna Resort is located in Genting Kampong, Tioman's southern-most village. This means that your ferry ride is shorter than had you stayed in Kampong Paya, Tekek or any of the more northern villages. A shorter ferry ride amounts to a longer stay in your paradise getaway, especially since when you get picked up on your way back to Mersing, you, again, get to maximize your stay here.

The other thing Genting is renown for is it's lovely surroundings. I mean, you truly feel like you're on the island of that movie Blue Lagoon, it's that remote, tranquil and idyllic.

This feeling of paradise alone makes Aguna Resort a suitable choice to spend your long weekend away.

The other thing that stands out here is the personnel. And the group of friends that I was with during this trip all agreed that the people working at Aguna Resort were exceptional.

From the moment we walked along the jetty, the Aguna Resort staff were friendly, warm-hearted and ever so welcoming. They carried our bags and were always ready to cook us up a meal, even dishes that weren't on the menu. Seriously, the staff here is top of the bill.

Bem vindo ao Aguna Resort, quaint little gem in the heart of Genting, Tioman
Bem vindo ao Aguna Resort, quaint little gem in the heart of Genting, Tioman

Obviously, when you come to Tioman, you're going to scubadive or snorkel. Well, we're not scuba-divers so much, but we're avid snorkelers. And the beach and waters off Aguna Resort didn't disappoint.

We rented our snorkel gear and flotation devices right from the Aguna Resort front office and basically covered the entire stretch of beach. If you have a waterproof camera, trust me, this is the time and place to bring it, because you'll see all kinds of underwater life.

If you're a scuba-diver, then Aguna Resort is a great base from where you can hop to Renggis island. Even Coral Island is still close enough to include in your scuba-diving Tour de Tioman.

We went on a little island-hopping trip, courtesy of Aguna Resort, and lost count of the number of different species of flora and fauna we spotted just snorkeling. So the scuba-diving at Aguna Resort, and further afield, should be quite mind-blowing.

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Back to Aguna Resort. The consensus amongst our group was that Aguna Resort is basic, yet good value-for-money. If you appreciate the raw beauty of the Outback and you don't mind the presence of a couple of creepy-crawlies here and there, you will thoroughly enjoy Aguna Resort.

Tip: We booked Aguna Resort on Agoda and we were glad we did, because from where we were staying, it looked like the number of chalets there is barely double digits. The other thing that maybe not a lot of vacationers to Tioman realize is that Tioman doesn't just offer awesome snorkeling and scuba-diving, but superb jungle-trekking too. So arrange for a trek. The jungle here feels like any minute you're going to run into Tarzan and Jane. Tioman has some seriously dense jungle. Hiking through this unique landscape is an experience and a half. But bring a guide, because, awesome as the Genting jungle is, this is probably not the best time to find yourself lost.

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