Recensione: Selamat datang ke, benvenuto a Salang Pusaka, situato sulla beatamente bella Pulau Tioman, conosciuta anche come l'isola di Tioman
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Salang Pusaka

Salang Pusaka

The first thing you'll notice when you reach Salang Pusaka Tioman is the fact that it's not quite a beach resort. It's actually situated towards the back of the village of Salang, a few minutes' walk from the beach. But don't be too quick to judge.

Book your Salang Pusaka Tioman room now
Book your Salang Pusaka Tioman room

The cluster of solid timber Salang Pusaka Tioman chalets are arranged in a secluded and traditional Malay village-type setting. There's plenty of garden space and the compound is seamlessly bordered by a majestic tropical jungle that forms the verdant backdrop for this resort. Clearly, Salang Pusaka Tioman is not quite your run-of-the-mill tropical island beach hostel.

To be honest, certainly after arriving fresh off the ferry, we kind of preferred staying in a room right on the beach. However, the pleasant and rustic Salang Pusaka Tioman ambience met with instant approval amongst everyone in our group.

Benvenuto a Salang Pusaka Tioman
Benvenuto a Salang Pusaka Tioman

And the friendly Salang Pusaka Tioman room rates tipped the balance into giving the resort a go outright. Well, the upshot was that the great quality of our room, not to mention the all-round superb Salang Pusaka Tioman bang-for-buck ratio, more than made up for it not being beach-front.

In addition, it also dawned on us within a day that, soft sand notwithstanding, the beach is very hot most of the day and even at night. We were actually quite relieved to come back to our more shaded section of Salang. Rather than a chalet roasting under the Tioman sun, our cool little Salang Pusaka Tioman "home" felt like a sanctuary, particularly after we'd been out and about for hours. In fact, from that first day, we knew that Salang Pusaka Tioman was the right choice for us.

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But there were other reasons to like Salang Pusaka Tioman. For starters, our chalet was very well-maintained and had an air-con unit plus an attached bathroom with hot-water shower. Later, I was told that all categories of the Salang Pusaka Tioman's 40+ chalets offer air-con and attached bathroom with hot-water, whether they're the Basic, the Standard, the Deluxe or the Superior variety.

The carpeting and additional furnishings were nice bonus extras. However, by far, our most-loved Salang Pusaka Tioman feature was our private verandah. I can tell you that lounging on this verandah until the wee hours of the morning, immersed by the mesmerizing sounds of the tropical night, never tired.

Many an hour was spent together in this magical cocoon.

Staying at Salang Pusaka Tioman was a hit amongst our group. We loved the authentic unhurried pace, the shade of the lush garden vegetation, the abundant wildlife and of course, the great all-round price to quality offerings.

We also enjoyed the sight-seeing/snorkeling excursion we did by boat, courtesy Salang Pusaka Tioman's front desk. Will we come back to Salang Pusaka Tioman? A collective and resounding "Yes".

Tip: If you're into scuba-diving, B&J Scuba is just 5 minutes away from Salang Pusaka Tioman. Salang Pusaka Tioman has an in-house restaurant and the food served is a selection of local and western dishes. But for a superb BBQ feast, make a personal selection of fresh squid, fish, beef and chicken. Salang Pusaka Tioman enjoys great popularity amongst mainland Malaysia families and, as such, tends to be booked up solid. Book in advance to secure a room. By the way, I just read that Lonely Planet stayed here and subsequently has Salang Pusaka Tioman rated as one of their "recommended Tioman accommodations". Note that Salang Pusaka Tioman is formerly known as Khalid's Place.

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