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News, Notifications and Events

News, Notifications and Events

Désormais, toutes les dernières nouvelles et promotions sont tweetées.

For the latest Covid updates in Malaysia, please see here!

Meeting Point / Pick-up Point
Is your travel party, cycling club, running group or stargazing society gathering in Mersing? Then what better place to meet up than at Mersing Harbour Centre? Since Mersing Harbour Centre's Food and Beverage concourse is Mersing's official Meeting and Pick-up Point, it's the ideal place to hang out whilst waiting for the others in your party to arrive. Hot or cold beverage anyone? Breakfast is available too.

As Malaysia has extended its lockdown for the next 2 weeks, all tourism activities will be minimized.

As Malaysia is in lockdown for the next 2 weeks, all tourism activities will be minimized.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2020!!

New Year 2020!! wishes everyone a happy 2020. Happy travels to one and all!

Monsoon 2019/2020
Please note that the monsoon is well and truly upon us. As such, ferry operations may see interruptions, including cancellations. This situation will last until February 2020.

Flights to Tioman
Currently flight operations to Tioman have been suspended until further notice. If you'd like to be notified when flights resume, please click here We'll update you once flights resume.

Monsoon easing
As winds and swell subside, it's safe to say that the monsoon has released its grip on the region. More bus companies are coming back online and smoother ferry crossings should become the norm. That said, Please note that ferry operations may still be affected every now and again.

Gong Xi Fa Chai 2019
Mersing Harbour Centre wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year, with health, happiness and prosperity too.

Tioman Surf Festival
The 8th edition of the Tioman Surf Festival will take place at Juara, Tioman from January 31st to February 2nd 2019. For more details, contact Tioman Cabana.

Monsoon season is upon us. It may get windy and choppy, here in Mersing, but around the islands too, so expect a few ferry service interruptions every now and again. Winds and swell should ease by mid-February.

Happy 2019 wishes al travelers a happy new year, with a lot of happy travels :)

Bagus Place All-Inclusive Promo
Resort Promo Package!

Bus companies
Please note that some bus companies operating to Mersing have suspended their service, due to the start of the intermonsoon season. If there's no bus connection to be found online for your itinerary, then please contact one of the private transport providers.

Sea Gypsy Halloween Weekend
Blood, guts, bile and booze, its all happening at Sea Gypsy this Halloween Weekend! Kids will have fun making watermelon jack-o-lanterns, creating spooky art & craft, face painting & dressing up in scary outfits to hunt for Halloween monsters and treasure around the resort. Later that evening, when bats start flying and ghouls walk out of the sea, adults don their ghostliest glad rags and dance the night away!All the usual Sea Gypsy fun will be available: boat dives, DSDs, Bubble Makers, snorkelling, trekking, sub wing and don’t forget our new SLIP & SLIDE!

As we're nearing the end of the year, the monsoon is likely to gradually make its annual appearance. The forecast is for the weather to become progressively less stable, possibly resulting in ferry operations being affected.

As Deepavali/Diwali will be upon us soon, a public holiday in both Malaysia and Singapore, booking your resort or hotel room and ferry tickets in advance is a good idea.

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