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Avis: Paradise Point Chalet is a string of idyllic beach bungalows along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Juara, Tioman
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Paradise Point Chalet Review

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Feedback from an actual Paradise Point Chalet guest

Paradise Point Chalet Review

With a week to go before catching our flight back to Europe from Changi Airport, we'd planned to spend 3 days in Tioman and 3 in Singapore. But that was before we'd stumbled upon Paradise Point Chalet. Once we'd checked in at Paradise Point Chalet, time seemed to melt into one long dream-like holiday.

In the end, we'd extended our stay at Paradise Point Chalet twice. If only we'd had more time...

Book your Paradise Point Chalet room now
Book your Paradise Point Chalet room now

Let me give you the skinny on Paradise Point Chalet, so you can decide for yourselves is this is a place you'd enjoy.

Paradise Point Chalet is a string of quaint little beach bungalows, situated along the northern end of arguably the most beautiful beach in the world: Juara, on the east side of Tioman Island. To be sure, the Paradise Point Chalet bungalows aren't the newest structures you'll find in Juara, but they do have an abundance in charm.

Bienvenue à Paradise Point Chalet
Truly Paradise - Paradise Point Chalet

Moreover, our room at Paradise Point Chalet was clean and had pretty much everything you'd need: a double bed, a mosquito net, a fan, en suite bathroom with shower and toilet, as well as a veranda, including 2 chairs. All this within barely 15 meters of the beach. I mean, you open your door and there's the South China Sea in all its sparkling crystal-clear glory. I kid you not.

But this is not where the goodness ends. Paradise Point Chalet is run by very kind and attentive people who also run an in-house restaurant that opens from 8 am to 10 pm, serving some of the finest local dishes that we had in our entire Asia trip.

Bienvenue à Paradise Point Chalet
Bienvenue à Paradise Point Chalet

Best of all, the pricing of the food seems inversely proportional to its deliciousness. It's all so tasty, yet so cheap. Nary a meal is over RM 10.

Excellent food, low prices, breathtaking sea view. No wonder the restaurant was our favorite perch during our stay.

Well, right after the ridiculously comfortable hammock rigged between the coconut trees opposite our bungalow. This hammock was my happy place at Paradise Point Chalet. I still talk to my mates about it to this day. Chilling at Paradise Point Chalet is as blissful as it gets, due, by the way, in no small part, to Juara's pristine beauty.

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In fact, Juara Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches that I've ever laid my eyes on. Juara village is on the east side of Tioman Island, is very quiet and has a stretch of clean and seemingly never-ending beach. This stunning neck of the woods is not yet influenced by large-scale tourism, so you'll not find luxurious resorts here. What you will find, is tranquillity galore.

This pretty slice of Tioman will truly give you a feeling of paradise. Juara has soft sandy beaches, enticing coral life and clear sea water. All of this with a backdrop of lush verdant rainforest that's still as untouched as the days Tioman first became populated.

Yes, it takes a little extra effort to get to Juara, as the ferry from Mersing will only drop you off at the other side of Tioman, but the 4WD drive through the jungle was a fun experience in its own right.

Paradise Point Chalet is the perfect beach accommodation for backpackers. It's got all you need and it's cheap. Sure, there's no hot water shower, but it is usually 30+ degrees outside anyways, so it doesn't matter.

Tip: Keep an eye on the sandflies. A little "Off' here and there is a good idea. Go for a snorkeling trip and check out the Juara turtle hatchery. Both are great fun and quite informative outings. There's also a canoe for rent. Paradise Point Chalet has quite a cult following, so better book way ahead of your actual stay date. Can't find Paradise Point Chalet on Agoda yet, then try calling them on 09 4193145. Paradise Point Chalet offers a laundry service. Alcohol is available duty-free. (But please, given it's a Malay community, a little discretion will go a long way.) The Lonely Planet website called Paradise Point Chalet a "recommended accommodation in Pulau Tioman", which, as endorsements go, is no mean feat.

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