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Reseña: Selamat datang ke, Bienvenido a Selesa Apartment Units, situado en la bella y bella Pulau Tioman, conocida famosa como Isla Tioman
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Selesa Apartment Units

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Selesa Apartment Units

Selesa Apartment Units

Tucked away atop a lush emerald hillside, on one of Tioman's most spectacular coves, lies what must be the island's pride and joy, Selesa Tioman Hotel.

The fully-furnished and elegant resort's beautiful setting envelopes you in exclusive privacy and gave us the holiday experience that we've always wanted.

The tastefully furnished, air-conditioned two-bedroom suites provides you with all the modern amenities you and your family could wish for in a self-contained holiday condo home.

As the hotel is set within walking distance from the water's edge, we were able to swim, snorkel, scubadive and go fishing to our heart's content. Meanwhile, nature lovers can go exploring in the resort's surrounding tropical jungle.

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We actually ventured out on an island-hopping trip to one of Tioman's neighboring island for a real jungle-trek and a unique paradise island picnic. But it was ever so enjoyable to be able to come back from that trip to our blissfully cool room.

Free wi-fi is offered at the lobby. And each of the spacious bedroom apartments comes with its own kitchenette with microwave, kettle and fridge.

Our well-maintained unit also boasted a dining lounge, attached bathroom and even a balcony, complete with breathtaking view of the pristine surrounding jungle and the ocean, as far as the eye can see. Simply awesome.

You won't only love your suite's luxurious comfort. You'll also relish the setting's blissful tranquillity, courtesy of the refreshing breeze, the soothing sounds of the nearby jungle and the rhythmic lapping of the waves below.

We loved Selesa Tioman Hotel to bits. In fact, as it happens, we've already booked our next stay here this coming Easter holiday.

Selesa Tioman Hotel is the best value for money that you'll find in Tioman, particularly, since Selesa Tioman Hotel rooms are more like mini-condos, fully furnished and self-contained.

If you want to keep your budget in check, at Selesa Tioman Hotel you can. For example, rather than having to eat out at each meal time, we just prepared our own meals in our very own kitchen.

So long as you don't need to do full-on cooking, Selesa Tioman Hotel's kitchen facilities are ideal to keep costs down.

Tip: As you exit the Selesa Tioman Hotel from the lobby, turn right and stroll down the slope. This almost unused track leads to a gorgeous but almost fully concealed stretch of beach. Those that know of it will have a paradise Robinson Crusoe beach all to themselves - soft sand, turquoise sea and coconut trees included.

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