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Experience true adventure: Trek through Endau Rompin National Park, quite possibly the world's oldest and still most untouched rainforest
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Endau Rompin National Park

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Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park

If you can't wait to channel your inner Tarzan or Jane by going on a real jungle adventure, then Endau Rompin National Park is the place to be.

Johor Parks

Johor Parks is a Johor National Park Corporation initiative and has as its main objectives the conservation of Johor's parks and wildlife, as well as further enhancing the public's awareness of the importance of striking a balance between man and nature.

The trip was awesome. personally felt we were lost in the Amazon Jungle seeking the lost temple of ancient Mayans.
-- Zul --

For more details, by all means see the Johor Parks website. Or let us know if you could do with a few jungle excursion team suggestions.


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