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Review: Selamat datang ke, welcome to Nazri's Place 1, situated on blissfully beautiful Pulau Tioman, known famously as Tioman Island
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Nazri's Place 1

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Nazri's Place 1

Nazri's Place 1

Our first time to Nazri's Place 1, then still just Nazri's Place, was in 1984. As there was no dedicated ferry service to Tioman yet, we took a bum-boat, a slow 5-hour long put-put affair.

Rooms at Nazri's Place 1 are spacious, spic-and-span and all-around comfy
Rooms at Nazri's Place 1 are spacious
spic-and-span and all-around comfy

But this little idyllic slice of Tioman, Air Batang, was as rewarding then as it is now. In all these years, it has lost very little of its rustic charm.

Of course, the ferry is a zippy air-con vessel now that gets you to your paradise in about 2 hours. And I use the word paradise reservedly, because this Nazri's Place 1's part of Tioman really is paradise.

Welcome to Nazri's Place 1, your little Tioman sanctuary
Selamat datang ke Nazri's Place 1
your little Tioman sanctuary

The Nazri's Place 1 bungalows are quaint what-you-see-is-what-you-get type accommodations. It's not the cheapest budget place to stay in ABC, but part of that slightly higher room rate is the result of Nazri's Place 1's stunning location: a gorgeously blue clear-as-gin sea in front of you and a lush untouched emerald rainforest behind you.

If being at Nazri's Place reminds you of that movie, The Blue Lagoon, then you're not the only one.

Not surprisingly, the snorkeling at Nazri's Place 1 is second to none. All snorkeling equipment you need is available at Nazri's Place 1, as are kayaks.

It's this that makes Nazri's Place 1 a great choice for families with kids. Along with the fact that Nazri's Place 1 can do a wicked pizza :)

Our rooms were clean and spacious and offered quite a few extras that you may not necessarily expect from back-to-basics type of lodgings that Nazri's Place 1 is, such as full-on air-conditioning and a hot-water shower in the bathroom.

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We also had a small fridge and coffee/tea facilities. And to top it off, we were provided with clean towels and a few complimentary bottles of water.

Best of all, our Nazri's Place 1 room also had a wonderful little porch that faced the sea, as well as sunsets that were nothing short of fabulous. That little porch is great place for mum and dad to kick back after the kids have been put to bed.

By the way, we found out that Nazri's Place 1 is also the de facto bed and breakfast choice for scuba divers and aspiring scuba divers doing their Open Water course, presumably because it's affordable and close the action, given the quality house reef.

A special mention Nazri's Place 1 staff, because they were without exception helpful and friendly. From the moment they come and collect your luggage after you've disembarked the ferry to any special makan requests you may have at meal times, the staff will always try to oblige. Terimah kasi banyak, semua.

To recap, Nazri's Place 1 is a sleepy little sanctuary that's just ideal to get away from it all for a few days or so. Excellent for families with kids, nature-lovers, snorkelers and scuba divers.

Life here seems to go by in yesteryear's kampong time, gloriously leisurely.

Tip: Nazri's place 1 is one of a few places on Tioman that sells alcohol. That is, apart from Wednesdays. Don't wait until the kids are hungry before going for food, because preparing meals here takes a little longer. That said, the dishes are delicious. Lastly, Nazri's Place 1 is pretty famous, so room availability is a matter of luck or booking early.

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