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Review: Selamat datang ke, welcome to Mukut Harmony, situated on blissfully beautiful Pulau Tioman, known famously as Tioman Island
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Mukut Harmony

Mukut Harmony

Mukut Harmony Resort is a quaint little budget hostel in the Tioman fishing village of Mukut. We arrived at Mukut Harmony Resort in July, the peak of summer, poised for a 3 day stay. But the 3 days went by so fast, we ended up extending our stay by another 3 days. To say that Mukut Harmony Resort is a little paradise would be an understatement.

Our room, a so-called Deluxe, was well-kept and comfortable. It had a nice and firm queen-size bed, was fully air-conditioned and also had a hot-water shower in a separate attached bathroom. In addition, our room had a mini-fridge/freezer combo, as well as a tv; not that we spent any amount of time watching tv of course. But it may be just the ticket for an unexpected rainy day. I heard Mukut Harmony Resort still has some cheaper fan-only, cold-water rooms as well, but apparently these are in the process of being upgraded.

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Mukut Village isn't the biggest place exactly, but we still enjoyed the convenience of the Mukut Harmony Resort in-house restaurant. They served both western and local meals, although our selection tended to gravitate towards their asian delights. These dishes were so fragrant and so tasty that some days we couldn't help but overindulge.

One day, we'd made a selection of fresh seafood that had been brought in by fisherman that morning and asked the Mukut Harmony Resort staff if we could have a BBQ. They readily agreed and so that evening, we had a lavish BBQ event. We'd got way too much fish, but we happily shared our "makan" with the Mukut Harmony Resort staff and guests, who'd gathered at our ad hoc outdoor food fest, undoubtedly beguiled by the delicious aromas eminating from our BBQ. It was another memorable evening at our little Mukut Harmony Resort escape.

Once you're in Mukut Harmony Resort, do make the effort to venture out a little, because the surroundings, both the jungle and the sea, are not just a sight for sore eyes, but truly something you should personally partake off.

Mukut Harmony Resort arranged a land-based and a sea-based excursion for us, both of which were quite entertaining - experiences we won't forget any time soon.

For instance, we were taken, by a guide, through by far the lushest forest I've ever seen. I'm not even sure if we followed a particular track, some sections were that dense. But eventually, we reached the local Mukut waterfall, where we had a little dip in some of the pools. Awesome.

The other outing we went on was a snorkeling/island-hopping package, involving a speedboat ride to Coral Island and Pulau Renggis. Once we'd reached our destinations, we slipped into the shallows with the snorkeling gear that was provided and then snorkeled to our heart's content, whilst the boat crew kept an eye on us from a short distance. Ever so much fun.

Our Mukut Harmony Resort getaway was probably the best short trip we have been on. I hope that one day we'll be able to return.

Tip: Mukut Harmony Resort. Mukut Harmony Resort has just a few chalets, so you'll need to have a reservation to secure a room. By the way, Mukut Harmony Resort is also available for private companies and organizations looking to do team-building activities. Well-known and respected travel journal Lonely Planet rates Mukut Harmony Resort one of their "recommended Tioman accommodations". Not bad at all for a teensy-weensy little hostel in the more remote part of Tioman. However, do keep in mind that you'll need to take a water-taxi from Genting to Mukut. This could add a little $$ to your total outlay.

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