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Are you looking for information about Mersing's many tourism attractions and the ferry to Tioman Island? Mersing Harbour Centre is the one-stop tourism portal for Tioman ferry travel details and ferry tickets
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Go for a jungle adventure, or island-hopping day-trip, or wet and wild fishing excursion. Sea-based or on land, making awesome memories here is easy with this treasure trove of information at your fingertips. Need any kind of tourist information? This portal is the place to be.

We really know Mersing and its neighboring paradise islands. And we've applied all of our know-how to compile this complete A to Z checklist of just about every single tourism organization in the Mersing/Tioman area.

What's more, we also show participating companies' latest discount packages and exciting sales that are currently on, so our visitors stay fully in the loop as to the latest tourism promos.

Taxi & bus to Mersing

Taxi & bus to Mersing

In terms of sheer numbers, probably most travelers take the bus to Mersing. After all, it's pretty convenient and quite easy on the wallet. However, if you have the budget and you prefer to travel in privacy and some additional comfort, then you may want to take a taxi to Mersing instead.

Retail Therapy

Mersing Harbour Centre is more than just a tourism information / reservation complex. The brand new building also houses a number of retail shops, pushcarts and kiosks, providing a considerable variety of items.

From Tioman-related souvenirs and traditional Malay snacks, to 11th-hour errands like sun-block, mosquito cream or mineral water. There are even a few apparel outlets for a last-minute retail therapy session. Whatever your needs, Mersing Harbour Centre has it - in spades.

Mersing Harbour Centre also has a very spacious food and beverage section that offers scrumptious, yet affordable meals, both Asian delights and tasty western-style dishes.

Jom Mersing!

Jom Mersing!

With the official opening of the Mersing Harbour Centre, the Sultan of Johor has well and truly ushered Mersing into the future. This applies particularly in view of Johor State Government's strategy to not only transform Mersing into a premier tourist destination, but also to boost its role as the de facto gateway to the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park islands.

This breathtaking cluster of paradise isles, Pulau Tioman, Rawa, Pemanggil, Besar, Tengah, Sibu and others, are considered Malaysia's show pieces for a reason.

What's more, Mersing's proximity to Endau-Rompin National Park will undoubtedly create plenty of positive spin-off for the "Rainforest to Reef" initiative too. Not to mention the socio-economic and infrastructure benefits for the Greater Mersing Area.

Clearly, Mersing Harbour Centre, along with its affiliated projects currently in the pipeline, will be a huge boon, both for Mersingians and travelers, alike.

Gateway to Tioman

Gateway to Tioman

Given Mersing's role as Gateway to Tioman, Mersing Harbour Centre encompasses several ferry ticket counters for walk-ins. However, to ensure availability, ferry seats are best booked in advance.

Helpfully, for overseas travelers especially, Mersing Harbour Centre features a Tourist Information Desk. Got a question you'd like answered now? Just email. Or call/Whatsapp +60 1978 42977.

Amenities galore

Mersing Harbour Centre offers free Wi-Fi, so if you need to check your email or want to Whatsapp your friends that you've arrived in Mersing, it would be a great time to do it upon your arrival in the complex. But if you prefer to have your own local SIM card, then it's good to know that these are also available here.

But Mersing Harbour Centre offers still more. For instance, it also boasts decent car park options, a Conference/Convention Hall, a Prayer Room, as well as a kiddie playground, in addition to contemporary washroom/bathroom facilities, and even a wellness centre to help ease your mind and body into pamper mode.

In other words, whether you're inbound or outbound, Mersing Harbour Centre is a fully integrated one-stop Mersing Tourism shop and the ideal place to spend some quality time before your next destination.


Let us know if you have any questions. We'll get back to you before you can say Jom!

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