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Tioman Ferry Schedule - 2022

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Tioman Ferry Schedule - 2022

Tioman Ferry Schedule - 2022

In view of the likelihood of local Mersing weather and sea state influencing ferry operations on any particular day, ferry departure times from Mersing to Tioman and from Tioman to Mersing tend to be dynamic in nature. This also applies to the frequency of the ferry crossings. In effect, no two days are the same in terms of ferry departure times.

The relatively shallow Mersing river mouth and local tidal factors also contribute to the Tioman ferry schedule being not as fixed as most other ferry operations around Malaysia. This is something to keep in mind when traveling between Mersing and Tioman Island.

In fact, even after departure times for a given month have been established and published, usually by the middle of the month prior, amendments may still be required, particularly during the December to February months, i.e. monsoon season.

Furthermore, in the interest of passenger safety, ferry operation suspensions and cancellations are also possible.

Photocopies published on third-party websites may not always display the most recent version of the ferry schedule. For your information, travelers who booked ferry tickets online are typically sent a booking confirmation email that includes the latest ferry schedule.

However, as Tioman ferry times remain subject to change, travelers are subsequently advised to remain up-to-date to the latest ferry times, for instance by means of Twitter updates provided. In addition, arriving at Mersing Harbour Centre with plenty of time to spare is highly recommended.

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