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Tanah Merah Ferry to Desaru Coast

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Tanah Merah Ferry to Desaru Coast

Tanah Merah Ferry to Desaru Coast

Note: The ferry runs on Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun.
Peak season is !

Taking the direct speed-ferry from Singapore to Desaru is easy; all you need to do is make your booking with above booking form. Just select the options in the form that match your preferences. Once you've clicked the Book Now! button, you can make further selections.

As soon as your booking is done, a confirmation email is sent to your email address. You can go to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal by taxi, bus or MRT.

Ticket price is S$70 for a one-way or S$118 for a round-trip. The ferrry reaches in about 60-90 minutes or so. NOTE: The ferry travels once per day.

Bon voyage :)

Alright, my fast-ferry tickets to Desaru are booked online. What's next?

Step 1 - Go to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. You can take the bus. Or the MRT. Or a taxi.
Step 2 - At the ferry terminal, find the Batam Fast counter.
Step 3 - Show the Ferry official the booking confirmation email that has been sent to you.
Step 4 - You're handed your Desaru Coast Ferry Terminal boarding passes.
Step 5 - Board the ferry, sit back and relax.
Step 5½ - Have a happy weekend :)

Ferry Schedule

S'pore to Desaru
Desaru to S'pore
There is no ferry service on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Any questions? Just call or Whatsapp us.

Luggage Fee

Luggage Size
S'pore to Desaru
Desaru to S'pore
Hand-Carry: Free
Max. 10kg pp
Max. 10kg pp
Check-In: Free
Max. 20kg pp
Max. 20kg pp
XS Luggage
S$1 per kg
RM3 per kg
Bike, surfboard etc.
S$10 per item
MR30 per item

Tip: Book your speed-ferry tickets in advance, because the direct Singapore to Desaru speed-ferry frequency is 1 x per day and tends to be fully booked.

Ferry to Desaru

Pro Tip!
If you're not sure what time to take the ferry, just enter your travel dates and number of passengers in the form above and click Book Now!. The specifics of your trip will be displayed initially. You can then decide if you want to go ahead and make a booking. Any questions? Just call or Whatsapp our Singapore Customer Desk on 90079345.

Desaru Coast
Desaru Coast is well-known for its pristine sandy beaches, world-class hotels (Hard Rock Hotel or Westin anyone?), clear-blue sea, family-friendly fun, as well as its golf offerings. It's pretty much the ultimate sun-kissed holiday destination in Johor. But without the Woodland traffic jams of course. In fact, the ferry will have you lounging away in your hammock in less than 2 hours. Awesome beach weekend? Hop on the ferry to Desaru Coast.

Transport to your Hotel
Not sure how to get from the Desaru Ferry Terminal to your hotel? No worries, there's a free shuttle bus to take you there. And if you prefer, there are plenty of taxis available too.

Any questions?
Just call or Whatsapp.


Have an enquiry about taking the ferry to Desaru Coast? Send it here...

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