Selamat datang ke, welcome to Bistari Gemilang Travel Sdn. Bhd.; we're located at the recently-opened Mersing Harbour Centre, in Mersing, gateway to Pulau Tioman, Rawa et al
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Mersing 2024
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From Mersing, May - Jun
     From Tanjung Gemok, Apr - May - Jun
     [Tanjung Gemok = Teluk Gading]

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Pro Tip: Don't know which jetty to choose when booking your ferry? Don't worry; you can take any of the jetties listed, because the ferry typically, with exceptions, stops at all main jetties.

Bluewater Express
Ferry operator to Tioman

Counter W1 & W2,
Mersing Harbour Centre,
Jalan Abu Bakar,
86800 Mersing,
Johor, Daruk Takzim,
Reg: 1202002-U

The Bluewater Express ferry operation is owned by Bistari Gemilang Travel Sdn Bhd, headquartered in Mersing.

With more than 20 years' experience, during which the company transported millions of tourist to and from Tioman Island, Bluewater is just as aware as ever of the importance of punctuality, as well as passenger comfort and convenience.

As such, Mersing's premier ferry operator has upgraded its entire ticketing/booking system, a big-budget hi-tech enterprise, which enables Bluewater to continue providing top-notch ferry service.

Additionally, the forward-looking company is driven to continuously innovate in order to facilitate the ferry booking and boarding processes even more, thereby enabling it to further serve Tioman visitors with the best possible travel experience in the years to come, from both Mersing and Tanjung Gemok.

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