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Looking for sleek pelagic speed-demons like mackerel/tuna, or stodgy bottom-dwellers like groupers, Mersing's, Tioman's and Rompin's seas are our playground
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Fishing off Mersing, Tioman and Rompin

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Fishing off Mersing, Tioman and Rompin

Fishing off Mersing, Tioman and Rompin

There are a number of ways you can hunt for fish and other marine creatures such as squid or prawn off Mersing and Rompin.

The most obvious one is to charter a boat, take it out to where your quarry is lurking and use your tool of choice. Rods, handlines, fresh bait or lure, all will work a charm in these fertile waters. Seafood dinner guaranteed. But please practice catch and release what doesn't end up on your plate. Thank you.

Alternatively, if you prefer your action a little more in-shore and somewhat more sedate, then you can go for one of the various kelongs available for fishing around the Mersing/Rompin area.

Typically, the fishing at these kelongs will take place at night, as quite a few predatory marine species in this neck of the wood are nocturnal. But nothing is stopping you from wetting your lines during the day as well. Most catches will be pan-sized, but don't be surprised if you hook up an errant giant, because it happens.

Interested? Have a look at the Mersing and Rompin area companies offering fishing services below if you're keen to have a go. Or let us know if you need a few tips.

Boat fishing action

Magic Billfish Charters
Bluesails Tioman
Rompin Sailifishing
Kuala Rompin Sailfish Fishing Charter

Kelong fishing

Kelong Acheh
Ah Fatt Kelong


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