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Mersing Harbour Centre Facilities

Mersing Harbour Centre offers a wealth of facilities and amenities. There's a spacious area designated for food and beverage, with a restroom and shower section not too far away.

Mersing Harbour Centre also offers a number of shops and stands that have a wide variety of goods and snacks for sale at affordable prices.

There is a surau for those who want to pray. And there's a little playground just outside the building to keep the kids entertained whilst waiting for the ferry.

If you're looking to loosen up those muscles from the journey to Mersing, it's good to know that you can get a soothing reflexology massage withing Mersing Harbour Centre too.

Typically, Mersing Harbour Centre is the drop-off point for taxis coming in from far and wide. So if you're taking a taxi from Singapore, KL or anywhere else, just tell your driver your destination is Mersing Harbour Centre. He will instantly know where to go.